Lemon Verbena Gimlet

I had some lemon verbena from my CSA this week, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Coming home after work on a very hot summer day, the idea hit me. Cocktail time! For more drinks of all sorts, follow me and my husband on Instagram @drinksunited. Lemon Verbena Gimlet Author: Amélie Walker-Yung Serves: 2 […]

Herbal Aspirations

My city living has meant years of no outdoor dirt to call my own. Now that I have some options, I’m trying window-box gardening. I planted some herbs in a northeast facing window. If they grow, will they go crazy and fight for dominance? Will they co-exist in peace? First step, keep them alive!

Cranberry New Year’s Pie

My New Year’s wish for champagne and pie came true, even if I had to bake the pie myself (I don’t mind). Cranberries are festive, their tart flavor says “holidays” to me. They make a tasty, somewhat unexpected pie filling, a little something special for a celebration. When “I baked a pie!” is my answer to “What did you […]

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Corn

This is the best stuff. I ate some stale the other day, and it was still good. Can’t-stop-eating good… I’d never made caramel corn before and had no idea it was so easy. Here’s what you do: Caramel Corn Caramel Corn Author: Amélie Walker-Yung Ingredients 1 gallon popped popcorn 1 cup brown sugar 1 stick […]

Hummingbird Slip Ons

I’m very happy with my new “Aerialist” shoes from Bucketfeet! They are comfy, unique, and just fun to wear. The design is by UK illustrator Mat Miller (@matmillerillustration). Bucketfeet works with over 20,000 emerging artists around the world, paying them both upfront and ongoing royalties. It is “a brand on a mission to connect people through art.” Read their story… Are you an artist […]

Not Always Cupcakes

Though I’m known for cupcakes, I do occasionally eat and cook other food. One of the reasons I revived my personal blog was to write about other topics I’d like to cover, including non-cupcake kitchen adventures. Want a taste of them? Stay tuned… Above, a neighbor made Cinnamon Blueberry Jam that paired nicely with brie […]

Bouquet Shadowbox

I’ve been honored to serve as a bridesmaid 10 times and have kept many bouquets over the years. Moving soon and worried about crushing dried flowers, I decided to better preserve the memories by creating this keepsake. Materials: dried flowers, sharp scissors, Goop craft glue, shadow box frame (from Michaels) I carefully removed flowers from […]

Ma Rue

I can’t help getting tickled seeing my name. I never can find my name on pre-printed name keychains, toys, Cokes, mini license plates, etc. It’s becoming more popular in the U.S. now—a friend’s sister just named her daughter Amélie (and not after me)—but it’s still more common to find in France. We happened onto this street […]


For several years, I worked at ARCHAEOLOGY magazine as online editor and webmaster. I wrote a number of articles during that time, mostly for the website. They are available in the ARCHAEOLOGY Archive. News Neolithic Surgery Anasazi Cannibalism? Virtual Reconstruction Canaanite Lion Earliest Mound Site Mesolithic Surgery Oldest Glue Discovered King Arthur was Real? Ancient […]

Cupcakes & Castles

I have a Tumblr account featuring two of my favorite things. It’s just for fun, a little happy for the eyes. I started it when I was helping a client with Tumblr, I wanted to be able to give a primary user’s insight. A Pinterest board would serve the same purpose, but this is really more fun. Follow me! cupcakeamelie.tumblr.com

Bourbon Peach Tea

Try this one on a hot, summer day or a cool, autumn evening! I used Prohibition Distillery‘s Bootlegger 21 New York Bourbon and some Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps (honestly, this recipe originated as a way to use up the stuff). This is a sweet drink. If that’s not your thing, reduce the syrup. Or make a different […]

Little Borrowed Dresses

For our wedding, I used a company called Little Borrowed Dress (now Union Station) that I highly recommend. Instead of purchasing an expensive dress to wear once, most of the women who participated in our wedding rented a dress. I chose three colors and let them pick a style. Little Borrowed Dress sent them two […]

Our Wedding

White sand beaches and emerald gulf waters were the setting for our fall wedding! Carillon Beach is on the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City Beach in Florida’s Bay County. The average high in October is 81 degrees with an average low of 60. Carillon is a community with an inn, beach houses and condos, […]

Carillon Beach, Florida

The water is warm, come on in! Where to Stay Eat, Shop, Play Fly, Drive, Bike NOTE: information may not be up-to-date. The pages above were originally created for our wedding guests in 2013, but I have kept the information online for anyone visiting Carillon Beach!  Have a peek at Carillon below. For more about Carillon […]

Hello Pretty

MAC Cosmetics has a new line of Hello Kitty-branded products. When I walked by a MAC store and saw the display, my head literally swung around for a double take and my legs refused to carry on. Pink and black and Kitty-fied goodness!! I received the above as belated birthday gifts. (My friends are awesome and […]


Social Networking has spread like the plague…and that’s sort of the point. They are addictive, viral beasts, these websites. I was recently roped into FaceBook. I’m also on Friendster, MySpace, LinkedIn, and countless similar websites I can’t even remember. I’ll ignore them until someone adds me as a friend or sends me a message. Then […]

Plus… What?

Mm, Diet Coke! I often drink it for caffeine and the fact it is calorie-free. I realize it is probably rotting my teeth, the lining of my stomach, or gods know what else. It might make sense if calcium were added to caffeinated beverages. Caffeine increase calcium loss, or so I hear. It’s a good […]

Brush, Brush, Brush

I bought a new toothbrush. I know, exciting, isn’t it? Oh, but you don’t understand. Once, long ago, I just used a normal toothbrush. I was puttering along, flossing every day (how I became a true daily flosser is another story…involves a popcorn kernel), thought I was a star of dental hygiene. Then my mom […]

Potter Crack

I finished reading the latest (and last) Harry Potter book on Monday night. And I had waited several days before purchasing it in the first place. I guess I am a bad fan. It did take me just 3 sittings, though perhaps that’s not impressive compared to how quickly some gobbled it up. It’s a […]

Fast Food

I’m not a fan of fast food chains. I stopped eating red meat well over a decade ago and try to eat somewhat healthy (stop laughing, I said TRY!), but that’s not all of it. I’ve disliked McDonald’s from childhood, when a fry overindulgence made me sick. I’d never eat the hamburgers, opting instead for […]


As a web designer, I think the whole blogging phenomenon is pretty interesting. I also find it rather intriguing as a sometime-writer. Why blog? There are many possible reasons to start a blog. It’s a way to self-publish for one, with basically no one to answer to but whoever your readers happen to be. This applies […]