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Hummingbird Slip Ons

I’m very happy with my new “Aerialist” shoes from Bucketfeet! They are comfy, unique, and just fun to wear. The design is by UK illustrator Mat Miller (@matmillerillustration). Bucketfeet works with over 20,000 emerging artists around the world, paying them both upfront and ongoing royalties. It is “a brand on a mission to connect people through art.” Read their story… Are you an artist […]

Little Borrowed Dresses

For our wedding, I used a company called Little Borrowed Dress (now Union Station) that I highly recommend. Instead of purchasing an expensive dress to wear once, most of the women who participated in our wedding rented a dress. I chose three colors and let them pick a style. Little Borrowed Dress sent them two […]

Hello Pretty

MAC Cosmetics has a new line of Hello Kitty-branded products. When I walked by a MAC store and saw the display, my head literally swung around for a double take and my legs refused to carry on. Pink and black and Kitty-fied goodness!! I received the above as belated birthday gifts. (My friends are awesome and […]

Brush, Brush, Brush

I bought a new toothbrush. I know, exciting, isn’t it? Oh, but you don’t understand. Once, long ago, I just used a normal toothbrush. I was puttering along, flossing every day (how I became a true daily flosser is another story…involves a popcorn kernel), thought I was a star of dental hygiene. Then my mom […]