Archaeology Magazine Sep/Oct 1997
My first ARCHAEOLOGY newsbriefs appeared in this issue.

For several years, I worked at ARCHAEOLOGY magazine as online editor and webmaster. I wrote a number of articles during that time, mostly for the website. They are available in the ARCHAEOLOGY Archive.


Neolithic Surgery

Anasazi Cannibalism?

Virtual Reconstruction

Canaanite Lion

Earliest Mound Site

Mesolithic Surgery

Oldest Glue Discovered

King Arthur was Real?

Ancient Clam Bake

Wisconsin’s Cave of Wonders

Online Features

Beyond the Beaches of Gran Canaria – I took a trip to Spain’s Canary Islands to explore mostly unexcavated sites in the interior of the most populated island in the archipelago.

Exploring Maya Caves of Belize – I traveled to Belize to cover excavations taking place in caves used by the ancient Maya. This was one of the first Interactive Digs.

Trail of Ancient Louisianians – I hail from Louisiana, and many of these mounds are in the same part of the state as my hometown. This was the last trip I took for the magazine—which remains a client—before leaving to start my business.


Shoot, Flip, Grab the Stuff, and Run

Mummy Playground

Founding Farmer


From the Trenches: Web Watch

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