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For several years, I worked at ARCHAEOLOGY magazine as online editor and webmaster. I wrote a number of articles during that time, mostly for the website. They are available in the ARCHAEOLOGY Archive. News Neolithic Surgery Anasazi Cannibalism? Virtual Reconstruction Canaanite Lion Earliest Mound Site Mesolithic Surgery Oldest Glue Discovered King Arthur was Real? Ancient […]


Social Networking has spread like the plague…and that’s sort of the point. They are addictive, viral beasts, these websites. I was recently roped into FaceBook. I’m also on Friendster, MySpace, LinkedIn, and countless similar websites I can’t even remember. I’ll ignore them until someone adds me as a friend or sends me a message. Then […]

Potter Crack

I finished reading the latest (and last) Harry Potter book on Monday night. And I had waited several days before purchasing it in the first place. I guess I am a bad fan. It did take me just 3 sittings, though perhaps that’s not impressive compared to how quickly some gobbled it up. It’s a […]


As a web designer, I think the whole blogging phenomenon is pretty interesting. I also find it rather intriguing as a sometime-writer. Why blog? There are many possible reasons to start a blog. It’s a way to self-publish for one, with basically no one to answer to but whoever your readers happen to be. This applies […]