Cranberry New Year’s Pie

My New Year’s wish for champagne and pie came true, even if I had to bake the pie myself (I don’t mind). Cranberries are festive, their tart flavor says “holidays” to me. They make a tasty, somewhat unexpected pie filling, a little something special for a celebration.

Cooking Cranberries
Cranberries and sugar with a little cinnamon and lemon zest made the filling.

When “I baked a pie!” is my answer to “What did you do for New Year’s Eve?” I don’t think that’s what people are expecting. The party hosts certainly weren’t complaining, though, as they finished off this pie on New Year’s Day.

Chicken and Pie
You mean everyone doesn’t show up for a NYE party with fried chicken (my husband’s contribution) and a pie?

Bake a similar pie with this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

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